Indoor Season Begins, pick up MGAGOP today!

Expanded Second Edition coming soon!

Expanded Second Edition coming soon!

Indoor season has begun, and there is no time better to take up the fine art of indoor Cannabis growing, using updated growing techniques found in my book, Medical Growing: a Garden of Peace!!

Published by TrineDay Press in July12 2012, this easy to understand manual has made growers out of smokers, masters out of growers, and surprised master growers  all over the world with its fresh approach. MGAGOP sells worldwide at all the top book sellers like Barnes and Noble, and been given 5 star ratings on Amazon!

Public and professional response to the revolutionary photo-periodic lighting technique has been utterly overwhelming. The public loves it, the pros resist the change but no matter, since ignorance of the laws of nature is no excuse, and denying facts will change nothing.

Since its public introduction in 2012, thousands of growers worldwide have tried the practice and are now using the methods derived from the book to cultivate improved health of their medical gardens, increase their yield, shorten their turnover rates, and save themselves a great deal of expense and energy.

The facts about lighting for Cannabis are clear, and the results speak for themselves; 12-1 growing works very well indeed.  12-1 growing is destined to become the norm, and Medical Growing: a Garden of Peace is sure to become a valuable resource for your favorite Cannabis gardener’s bookshelf.

Medical Growing: a Garden of Peace MAKES A GREAT GIFT!

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