Order my second edition

My Second Edition has arrived, and I must tell you it looks amazing. Just in time for Legalization in Canada on October 17th, when Canadians will be permitted to grow four plants. It is time to learn all there is to know about growing Cannabis. Its not hard to do, anyone can grow their own connoisseur grade nugs.

This book began as an introductory guide to growing your own plants under personal conditions, and the second edition is that too! I’ve included additional information on growing and using Cannabis oil as medicine, and it also now includes a collection of patient testimonials about using Cannabis for the symptomatic relief of pain and the afflictions of life and growing older.

I also took the opportunity to tell the story of my Cancer and Cannabis’s role in curing me.

You can order a copy from me directly, (signed of course), and have it shipped directly the same day, in plenty of time to start your own grow of Cannabis!

Expanded to 144 pages, with forward by our own Canadian Cannabis Activist, Ted Smith!

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Only $24.95 US plus S&H/$33.95 CDN plus S&H