Published November 23, 2012 | By Hempella

Very glad to have the chance to review this one!

Written by Daniel Boughen with a foreward by Joseph R Pietri, (the famed author of The King Of Nepal), MEDICAL GROWING – A Garden Of Peace – was published this year by Trine Day Publishing.

Boughen comes by his green thumb honestly – with a family history of organic horticulture, he had a basis for his foray into the world of the most medicinal plant of them all, marijuana.

Daniel begins by introducing the reader to his own background and how he came to be not only a medicinal grower, but an advocate for patients and a voice in the online canna community for several years now via several support forums he created for patients and growers; and then takes us into some general information, presented in a clear and well written manner, on some of the medical conditions that cannabis has proven to be effective in healing, or helping people deal with various illness and afflictions.

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