Thank you, Trine Day Press!

Daniel Boughen, Author of  "medical Growing: A Garden of Peace"

Daniel Boughen “MGAGOP”

I’d like to post a personal note in appreciation to TrineDay Press, most especially to Kris Milligan and all the staff whose dedication to publishing made ‘Medical Growing: a Garden of Peace’ possible. With Kris’s incredible encouragement and support all along the way, I was able to successfully publish my first book showing revolutionary ‘new’ concepts in growing. Trineday Press carries many titles by esteemed authors, and all his published works are books that somehow were ignored or refused by mainstream publishing. Kris and his staff will have none of this, and publish in the name of freedom. Please support Kris’s work and visit their website at: to see their many books on the darker truth of the world, and meet the people exposing those truths in spite of efforts to prevent it. Below is their mission statement.


TrineDay is a small publishing house that arose in response to the consistent refusal of the corporate press to publish many interesting, well researched, well written books with but one fatal defect – they challenge official history. As a result, their revelations are suppressed.
Given the standing of corporations in our capitalist economy, the official history is usually written to support the world view of those corporations, financial institutions and foundations in power at the time. That the influence of these corporations reaches down into the publishing industry is no secret.

TrineDay believes in the Constitution of The United States of America and our common right of Free Speech. We believe that informed dissent is the highest form of patriotism. We encourage and support investigative journalism. We put truth ahead of profit. We favor no political party over another but insult them all with equal fervor. We wear it as a badge of honor – we’ve been sued and hacked by the very best.
At the end of the day, the truth will out.

Kris Millegan


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