My 12-1 Story

Van-Book-cardI grew up around green plants most of my life both indoors and outdoors. I spent many hours in the yard and garden with my mother learning about various weeds, fruits and vegetables. I was living on what was once part of an apple orchard where we had 14 apple, 1 pear, 2 peach and a cherry tree. As I got older she began working for a local flower company as a green plant tech all the while teaching me the things she knew and the things she was learning. Eventually she started working on her own (after 15+ year’s service) and again I stepped in and help her as much as I could with her bigger accounts. I had been self medicating from about the age of 14 and never seen a reason to keep that information from my physicians. I have a disability that I have had from birth called Hemophilia and I use cannabis to help manage pain and swelling along with the periodic depression that can stem from long periods of being immobile. Being it was often discussed when I would come in for periodic checkups it was no surprise when I told them I wanted on the new program. I had my paperwork signed and hand delivered to the office in Lansing on the morning after it went legal in our state. ~Read the full story~

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