The 12-1 Army gets a Logo

12-1T-Shirt-003…and a collection of Shirts for medical patient proudly employing and teaching other grower how to employ the 12-1 method. Wear your 12-1 pride when you travel to the next Cannabis event, and help get the word out to that 12-1 works while wearing this BAD ASS logo!

There are long and short sleeved Tees, Golf shirts, denim shirts, baseball jerseys, tanks, performance dry tee shirts and lots of new ideas, like the one shown left, the ‘Men’s All Over Print’ T-Shirt where the logo is HUGE!

Click the link in the lower menu bar to get to the cafe press page, or here if you can’t find it. We hope to have shirts done locally soon, for now Cafe Press is a stop-gap measure to ensure that the logo art gets shared and enjoyed immediately. While we appreciate its immediacy, we always prefer to use a more local and Eco-friendly approach wherever possible.

Many thanks to Van Bigelow for the eye-popping artwork. oh what the heck, here’s another link.


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