A Garden of Peace

There’s never been a better time to learn to grow your own Cannabis!!

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Current methods for growing Cannabis have proven unhealthy, expensive, may be  confusing or even downright deceptive. Recently rediscovered innovations in green-housing info now prove it no longer has to be that way. “Medical Growing: a Garden of Peace” is written from an industry outsiders point of view, allowing the author to present the first book promoting the application of the 12-1 lighting schedule. This makes it absolutely a landmark book for medical Cannabis growing.

… offers an easy to read guide for the novice grower or medical patient looking to provide his own Cannabis. This is a beginners guide which covers the essentials of organic pesticide free gardening. In it, Daniel Boughen helps correct some of the misconceptions about how Cannabis responds to environmental conditions, without a lot of long technical jargon.

presents a strong call to take action for the sake of human rights and clearly lays out all the best reasons to LEGALIZE Cannabis, presents some potential solutions for the mess we are in, and also presents a concise guide for the novice grower or medical patient looking to provide his own. ‘Medical Growing, A Garden of Peace’ presents a Revolution in Lighting, Photoperiodic lighting can save 22% on energy while you INCREASE YIELDS up to 25%!

Drawn from years of experience growing, writing, teaching and coaching new growers growing their first crop of Cannabis,  the instructional style wastes few words, and teaches what a new grower needs to know. Facts are presented in ‘Word Bombs’, intended to keep the subject matter brief and on point. Articles include  plenty of clear full color photos to add clarity.

‘A Garden of Peace’ helps explain how the elements of nature work together during the course of the growing season. Articles are loaded with information  on every aspect of Cannabis about its uses, and its future in our lives.

Here are some of the subject headings:

  • Cannabis Strains
  • Germination and seedlings
  • Vegetation
  • Males and Females
  • Micro Growing
  • Propagating Clones
  • Nutrients and feeding
  • Soils
  • Harvesting, Processing and Curing
  • Cannabis as Medicine
  • The 12-1 and 10-14 power saving schedules
  • Photo Periodic Lighting Control
  • Six lighting schedules for Cannabis
  • The Smoke Report
  • How to build an herb hut!
  • The grow Journal
  • The 12-1 Army
  • and more!

‘Medical Growing, A Garden of Peace’ is now listed on Amazon, in Canada the US, France, the UK, Japan, you name it, Barnes and Noble, Gardening Books UK, Fishpond.com,  and at all of your favorite websites and book sellers worldwide!

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  • ISBN-10: 1936296969
  • ISBN-13: 978-1936296965

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TrineDay Press is a small publishing house that arose as a response to the consistent refusal of the corporate press to publish many interesting, well-researched and well-written books with but one key “defect”: a challenge to official history that would tend to rock the boat of America’s corporate “culture.”

TrineDay believes in our Constitution and our common right of Free Speech.

4 Responses to A Garden of Peace

  1. Liberanos5 says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I will have much greater success with my second grow thanks to the knowledge I have gleaned from your book. Concise, succinct, fantastic. I’m already 62 and dont like to waste time. There are too many self described experts in love with the sounds of their own voices. YOU ARE NOT on that list!!!!

  2. PABLUNT says:


  3. Tangerine Green says:

    The author taught me to grow on line using these same techniques. This is the definitive grow book, authored by a gentleman who has a long greenhouse background…not just another book writer!

    Follow what it says, add some common sense and TLC, and you too will be growing your very own medical bud!

    I endorse this writing 100%!

  4. adriancurtis says:

    ive grown a few times but they were all a joke compared to what ive done using daniels book i would still be in the stone age without all the knolledge i have gotten from his book he makes even the beginner look like we know what we are doing in my opinion you cant put a price on that book i wouldnt sell my copy for a million cuz thats what its gonna save me in the long run

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