2014 12-1 lecture at UVIC

Author Daniel Boughen was the Guest Lecturer at the Cincenza Theatre for the Lecture in the 2013/14 on Growing Cannabis.

Ted Smith hosts a Weekly HEMPOLOGY 101 Lecture Series at University of Victoria Wednesdays 3-4 at the
University of Victoria, and also operates the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club.


Purchase the Hempology 101 Textbook to accompany the lecture series online here www.hempology101store.ca

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The 12-1 Army gets a Logo

12-1T-Shirt-003…and a collection of Shirts for medical patient proudly employing and teaching other grower how to employ the 12-1 method. Wear your 12-1 pride when you travel to the next Cannabis event, and help get the word out to that 12-1 works while wearing this BAD ASS logo!

There are long and short sleeved Tees, Golf shirts, denim shirts, baseball jerseys, tanks, performance dry tee shirts and lots of new ideas, like the one shown left, the ‘Men’s All Over Print’ T-Shirt where the logo is HUGE!

Click the link in the lower menu bar to get to the cafe press page, or here if you can’t find it. We hope to have shirts done locally soon, for now Cafe Press is a stop-gap measure to ensure that the logo art gets shared and enjoyed immediately. While we appreciate its immediacy, we always prefer to use a more local and Eco-friendly approach wherever possible.

Many thanks to Van Bigelow for the eye-popping artwork. oh what the heck, here’s another link.


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My 12-1 Story

Van-Book-cardI grew up around green plants most of my life both indoors and outdoors. I spent many hours in the yard and garden with my mother learning about various weeds, fruits and vegetables. I was living on what was once part of an apple orchard where we had 14 apple, 1 pear, 2 peach and a cherry tree. As I got older she began working for a local flower company as a green plant tech all the while teaching me the things she knew and the things she was learning. Eventually she started working on her own (after 15+ year’s service) and again I stepped in and help her as much as I could with her bigger accounts. I had been self medicating from about the age of 14 and never seen a reason to keep that information from my physicians. I have a disability that I have had from birth called Hemophilia and I use cannabis to help manage pain and swelling along with the periodic depression that can stem from long periods of being immobile. Being it was often discussed when I would come in for periodic checkups it was no surprise when I told them I wanted on the new program. I had my paperwork signed and hand delivered to the office in Lansing on the morning after it went legal in our state. ~Read the full story~

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Thank you, Trine Day Press!

Daniel Boughen, Author of  "medical Growing: A Garden of Peace"

Daniel Boughen “MGAGOP”

I’d like to post a personal note in appreciation to TrineDay Press, most especially to Kris Milligan and all the staff whose dedication to publishing made ‘Medical Growing: a Garden of Peace’ possible. With Kris’s incredible encouragement and support all along the way, I was able to successfully publish my first book showing revolutionary ‘new’ concepts in growing. Trineday Press carries many titles by esteemed authors, and all his published works are books that somehow were ignored or refused by mainstream publishing. Kris and his staff will have none of this, and publish in the name of freedom. Please support Kris’s work and visit their website at: trineday.com to see their many books on the darker truth of the world, and meet the people exposing those truths in spite of efforts to prevent it. Below is their mission statement.


TrineDay is a small publishing house that arose in response to the consistent refusal of the corporate press to publish many interesting, well researched, well written books with but one fatal defect – they challenge official history. As a result, their revelations are suppressed.
Given the standing of corporations in our capitalist economy, the official history is usually written to support the world view of those corporations, financial institutions and foundations in power at the time. That the influence of these corporations reaches down into the publishing industry is no secret.

TrineDay believes in the Constitution of The United States of America and our common right of Free Speech. We believe that informed dissent is the highest form of patriotism. We encourage and support investigative journalism. We put truth ahead of profit. We favor no political party over another but insult them all with equal fervor. We wear it as a badge of honor – we’ve been sued and hacked by the very best.
At the end of the day, the truth will out.

Kris Millegan


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Time4hemp and American Freedom Radio

I really enjoyed our conversation, many thanks to Kelly Kristen and Casper Leitch! We discussed 12-1 and 10-14 lighting, how it makes healthier, happier plants in your garden, and its differences when compared to 18-6 and 12-12.


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Opus Live Review of MGAGOP

Jeremiah and Opus chat in the hallway just prior to the Cannabis Culture Lounge’s completion, and smoke a few joints, hit the bong, review MGAGOP!

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Published November 23, 2012 | By Hempella

Very glad to have the chance to review this one!

Written by Daniel Boughen with a foreward by Joseph R Pietri, (the famed author of The King Of Nepal), MEDICAL GROWING – A Garden Of Peace – was published this year by Trine Day Publishing.

Boughen comes by his green thumb honestly – with a family history of organic horticulture, he had a basis for his foray into the world of the most medicinal plant of them all, marijuana.

Daniel begins by introducing the reader to his own background and how he came to be not only a medicinal grower, but an advocate for patients and a voice in the online canna community for several years now via several support forums he created for patients and growers; and then takes us into some general information, presented in a clear and well written manner, on some of the medical conditions that cannabis has proven to be effective in healing, or helping people deal with various illness and afflictions.

~Read the full article~

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How is MGAGOP doing?


When Medical Growing: A Garden of Peace entered the market, it arrived with a sales rank of #375,947 out of 500,000, and easing to 414,156 until around the end of April, when it jumped to #163,233 and peaked again in may at #87,520!

The rest of the graph tells the story, springtime interest providing solid  sales, and now MGAGOP presently resides at #164,232 out of 500,000 titles on amazon.

Thank you for believing. Daniel




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Jack Draak’ Review!

By Jack Draak

garden-of-peace-420x315Medical Growing: A Garden of Peace, by Daniel Boughen.

I couldn’t have asked for a better book for my site’s inaugural book review than this, “Medical Growing: A Garden of Peace” by author and grower Daniel Boughen. Daniel was reared by an organic nurseryman, and has shared much of his wisdom with us through this book. There are a few things that I find remarkable about this book, and at the top of the list are two, seeming contrary aspects: 1) this book is chock-full of high-quality information, and 2) the book is concise and short, weighing-in at just under 100 pages.

~Read the full article~

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Steve Elliott’s Review!

By Steve Elliott ~alapoet~

Medical_Growing_cover-50My friend Daniel Boughen has a green thumb, and he comes by it naturally. With a family history of organic horticulture, this British Columbia resident had a solid foundation when he began growing cannabis, the world’s most medicinal plant.

Medical Growing: A Garden of Peace begins by ably pointing out the evil folly of the tragic War On Drugs, contrasting that with the numerous social, medicinal and economic benefits of cannabis and industrial hemp. Boughen shows a keen consciousness of the forces currently impacting the marijuana community, including the impending danger of corporate control.
In what I personally believe to be one of the most crucially important sections of the book, Boughen contrasts the corporate model of legalization with a more community-centered model. Daniel spares no words in condemning those who would make marijuana just another tool for big corporate profits.
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