Daniel Boughen

I first started studying the commercial aspects of hemp back in 1998. My casual interest in Cannabis was soon piqued by the very interesting facts surrounding the untimely demise of the former hemp industry.

I soon realized that the depth of the subject matter went far beyond the Blessed Herb and its enjoyment, with thousands of years of history encompassing the world ecology and economy, and the toxic mess in the world we live in today. The study of Cannabis has only just begun, but it is still hampered  by the corrupt agencies of big business. Cannabis not only deserves study, but will require a lot more of it to determine all the benefits of its use.

I rely on my right to freedom of speech as defined in every document on human rights ever written to disseminate correct information I have discovered after extensive study on the uses and practice of growing Cannabis. It’s not a stretch to say that Cannabis prohibition helped cause the environmental catastrophes today, since the petrochemical industries that were used instead have done such a poor job as custodians of the worlds resources.

Many thousands of different products such as fuels, plastics, food, cloth, concrete and lumber could be made from it instead of petrochems, and yet the hemp industry was savagely murdered with racist propaganda,  sabotaged by yellow journalism and mass hysteria by the same petroleum corporations and that still do business today.

Their illegal and racist actions created an unfair market designed to leach off a growing human population, and so suppressed the truth about Cannabis. Their further complicity caused the cascade of world events and now, it must be reversed.

To grow Cannabis in protest is an act of patriotism and humanity.

Daniel Boughen


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