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Daniel BoughenI am offering consulting services for medical growers, patients and individuals who wish to obtain advice to grow Cannabis using easy to use natural products, and improve quality and lower cost while growing Cannabis using methods based on the principles of my upcoming book!

It can be very handy to have a  ‘Gardener on Retainer’ to call upon for troubleshooting advice (Especially for the duration of your learning curve) and to help you spot and prevent trouble while growing your first medical Cannabis garden.

I have been teaching and assisting medical patients grow their own medicine for over fourteen years, so I can very quickly diagnose your plant problems based on your descriptions or photos and a just few questions, and offer immediate solutions.

I can guarantee immediate results, higher yields, and more potent medicine.

I will help you find information on which specific strains match up to help your personal medical symptoms, and provide tips on simple crop boosting methods to make your Cannabis Garden happy, healthy and produce lots of high potency medicine.

If needed, I can also provide a wide selection of highly potent Indica, Sativa Land-Race, and Hybrid Cannabis seeds, with over 80 types in my personal collection.

Cannabis isn’t difficult to grow, and I am here to assist new growers. In just a short while you’ll be gardening like an expert, and you will have learned how to grow some of the cleanest, best Cannabis you ever tasted, and even sweeter because it is your own produce.

Live Consultation by Webex makes it possible to give a more detailed and interactive instruction in growing where I can ask diagnostic questions about your grow or provide tips, and you may ask all the questions you need to put your back on track, or help your understanding of the process.

Time blocks may be purchased using your credit card or PayPal account using the button below!

  • Basic Growing and power saving
  • Power Saving for Caregivers
  • Advanced Techniques
  • 12-1 scheduling

Time  block rates ar booked at $40 an hour, but you can book half hour and quarter hour blocks

  • Hourly $40
  • half hour $20
  • Quarter hour $10

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Daniel Boughen

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