Interac Accepted

2012-07-16 14.22.22T

Interac Payment in Canada only

Your Canadian bank account may be used to send payments too, here is how it works:

In your own bank account there is a feature link application called Interac e-Transfers where you can set the amount you wish to send to the email of your recipient. When you use it, your bank account will generate an email to the recipient along with a private Interac e-Transfers link to a secure servers with instructions. The server directs the receiver to his/her  country, province/state, and banking institution, and then to his/her personal account to log in and complete the transaction securely at his own bank account. The transfer is safe and instantaneous, and processing fees are avoided.

To buy my book using Interac e-Transfers, log in to your bank account, and e-mail your payment to