Lemon OG (Yoda)

Lemon OG “Yoda”

In my book, (page 37 in the new edition) there is a strain I created, called Yoda. Here is an excerpt from the book, under the heading: Subject: “Cross cloned genetics to preserve an SVG –OG cut”

I was lucky enough to have been gifted with a clone from a very famous strain from California, the San Fernando Valley OG Kush. This strain is well known for its incredibly potent buds, and a distinct OG taste. A cut(copy) can be reproduced with most of its attributes intact by utilizing a series of back crosses of seed progeny to the mother cut, increasing the percentage of parent genes with each cross; in this case San Fernando Ocean Grown Kush.

I’m happy to say this strain is available in seed form along with others. If you would like some, contact me through my Facebook group in the link above.

Lemon OG My Classic “Yoda” has been enjoyed worldwide by connoisseur growers. Consistently high potency, therapeutic terpene combination makes it relaxing and cerebral. Stable Inbred Line. Ten weeks flowering time to completion.

All Natural M/F seeds, viability warrantied. Armored Stealth Packaging, Free delivery worldwide.

$45 for 5, $85 for 10

To arrange payment, contact me on my Facebook page.